A Time Proposal!

One of the things I try to do when writing for the series is try to keep up with international standards (Hence my switch to a 24 hour clock and Metric Units). It’s a pretty fun subject really.

I noticed something strange however… while people in most of the world write in 24 hour clock most of them speak in 12 hour terms unless the time needs to be specified. In other words “17 o’clock” isn’t the norm but, in written form, 17:00 is.  I found that very disappointing!! You were doing so well world… It’s silly to mix up both systems like that but I understand the appeal of separating 6 in the morning and 6 at night, equal numbers for opposing sides.

So that made me wonder, what would a more hybridized 24 hour clock system look like… I think I’ve found a solid middle ground until someone puts time itself into units of 10 in the year 2114. : )

What if noon were represented as +00:00, the start of the day as -12:00 and the end of the day as +12:00. You can translate this to and from the 24 hour clock by adding 12. This is similar to how in temperature, 0 Kelvin represents absolute zero but it directly correlates to Celsius by adding roughly 273.

People could say things like “it’s 8 after noon (+08:00 / 20:00)” or It’s ” 3 before noon ( -03:20 / 09:20)” or if you wanted to pronounce the full time you  could say “plus eight fifty” or “minus three twenty”.  It would even still work easily for computers.

Instead of -07 + 07 being opposite times of the day they’d be more like how far from the sun you are. At least -06 and +06 would keep their meaning.

Despite me suggesting this, I’d still prefer if people just  used their “13 o’clocks”. 12 hour intervals are too dependent on the sun. In the north pole, there can apparently be entire days of full sunlight and on the flip side the south pole can go dark for months. Sunset and sunrise aren’t the same everywhere but the Earth’s rotation is. If one day was the sun doing a donut in the sky, I don’t think anyone would suggest cutting the day in half.

Speaking of time, I’ve wasted a lot of it writing this so I’m going to get back to work now… : P

War on Words!!

Here at Kitasia, we try to keep things literal! This means making and using terms that are immediately understandable without botching the English language anymore than it already is. Yeah I know this post is going to make me seem like “that guy”, but I gotta get this off my chest.

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Project Log: September 18th, 2014

I haven’t done one of these in a while.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually reached a point where I could talk about any real developments!

So what’s new? Lately I’m still adjusting to the concept of using more realistic physics.  Felix doesn’t jump as high and it feels like things fall a lot slower, so I’m going to have to reference reality a bit more to give things more impact. It’s actually something I’m kinda like forward to. I think the result is going to be a very unique mix. So what does this mean for the player?

  1.  You can’t jump as high (it would be too floaty)
  2. Plummet Damage (falling from high points) is more of a hazard
  3. Falling may feel more floaty (depending how well I hide that later)
  4. Wall Jumping won’t get you as high
  5. Moving platforms behave significantly different from traditional platformers.
    (i.e if one was moving fast and suddenly stopped or changed course you’d fly off)
  6. Ledge Climbing is more important
  7. High-Speeds are dangerous!!

Essentially the player is weaker in a lot of ways, which in my opinion, can make for a more exciting experience.

It’s still going to be at least two or week or three weeks before I go into visuals.  I’m trying to get the most important stuff out the way so I can freely work on the fluff.

I think I’m going to start doing this weekly or at least monthly. Really helps me keep my place when I get sidetracked.

Nearly 10 Years of Development

I’m a real buff when it comes to dates. Calendar dates that is! ; D
Sorry ladies!

Anyhoo, September 7th,  marks 10 years since I officially started developing the games.  Obviously I have to do something special for that day but really there’s an entire cluster of dates. On October 18th, 2004, I made the abomination known as Night of the Thylacine available to the public, and shortly after on December 22nd, I released Antic Estate (formerly known as Anti effect). I’ll note, it was absolutely unintentional that Tale of the Night released on XBLIG December 21st in 2009. I seem to like releasing things in December, but I digress….

I won’t harp on this too much, seeing as I need to focus on the new blood, but I will be giving an extra effort to post things, especially on September 7th.

To kick things off here a small post I made on my OLD website.
A lunatic in the making really. : )

September 17th, 2004

Hello again! Today I shall inform everyone (as in no one, I mean who really looks here, I must be a really sad person) that I might have to drop the demo script. It’s a bit more complex than my little SDL brain can comprehend! In short, if things don’t start looking good, I’m going to write a new script with things I can actually pull off.

Aside from the possibly bad news, there’s good news! I didn’t have to start over after all, and everything’s going pretty swell. Yup pretty swell, but I still may have to dance with the drawing board once more (although I like that part ). More stuff as soon as I’m bored enough to come post here again.

I love the creative process. Don’t you?

Ah some people never change.



The Key Separating Axis for Swept Sphere on Polytope

I use a lot of math code from internet sources, and I mean A LOT OF MATH CODE. I sometimes forget how normalizing a vector even works. The important thing, to me anyway, is I know what the code is supposed to do.

Anyway, I decided to give back a little, and I do mean a little because I’m not going into detail with this!

I’m finally going to posting a collision plan I actually came up with myself for a change.
(not that it’s all that hard to figure out on your own ; D)

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Misconception about drag and friction

Disclaimer: I am not a math expert!! You’ve been warned.

Ahem, I’m about to get a little mathy here so and this would probably bore most people to tears but like all things I because I had so much trouble with it I felt the need to share. It’s therapeutic really.

Friction!! You know that thing that slows down? Turns out if you go digging for answers you get a lot of conflicting results!

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The Adventures of Physics Fox

I’m back on track and the project’s coming along once more. In fact I’ve been strangely able to switch up between creative and technical work seamlessly as of late (not something I’ve ever been good at).

Anyhoo, I’ve been playing with physics. In attempt to get kinetic objects up and running in a better way I ended up learning a few new physics tricks. One thing led to another and I decided that for this project I’m going to attempt to build this game using earth physics! If there was ever a point where I thought trying to apply more realism could hinder me this is definitely the point.  Earth physics are surprisingly floatier than expected. I thought I was programming something wrong until I looked at a few trampoline and high dive videos. I guess I was using small objects (which only appear to fall faster) too much for a frame of reference.

If I can’t make it work I don’t really mind switching back over to faux physics but I think I’ll be able to pull it off. This should result in the characters and animations will have more weight to them giving the platforming a more believable feel.

Design Design and more Design

One of my prerequisites before moving on to the next stage of the project was to build the perfect box model, not some temporary box model, but a finalized one that really set the stage before moving on to the final final model (yeah… I know how it sounds).

Naturally as with anything that must be finalized, my perfectionist tendencies kicked in and I ate through a lot of my time. But I TRULY think I’m getting close to the final final design.  My main problem now is I’m having trouble coming up with a character construction routine but I think the box model should fix that.

I’ve seriously put a lot of work into this, and if I haven’t said it before I’ll say it again, art is hard work!  Here’s a list of things I did..

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