Oath to Order

Yep content is still slow! I’ll admit I’ve had a few off weeks and I fell out of rhythm a bit, but there’s a bit more to it than that.

I’ve been using the filler system (if you’ve never heard of it, it’s because I’ve made it up), which is essentially work from a complete framework and build your way up until you’re satisfied with the result. The problem is, I keep noticing areas were my framework isn’t good enough. I just had to restructure my stage data AGAIN because I didn’t leave room for content I’ll need. The good news is I’ve developed a habit of leaving notes all over my wall so I think I finally have a good grasp of what’s left and how to get there in an orderly fashion.

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Art Page Updated

Planting the SeedYay I’ve finally made some new art. I needed some time to let the design changes marinate. Something quick simple and conveys a message.

The Steam Greenlight page will take a bit of time, I’ve decided not to use any outdated content, so I’m going to need completely new material.


Where it all comes together

I’ve finally implemented my quick decoration solution for game stages. Things would’ve went a lot quicker if importing it to the game went more smoothly and I didn’t have to deal with the tool GUI but whatever it’s done! While I can’t throw together a very finalized look in within 10 minutes I can get very close, in fact stage building is actually sort of fun now where as before it was just plain stressful and that’s even more important than the speed boost.

Now that I’ve gotten that out the way, I’m going to start a new scheduling routine. I often have a habit of switching from one thing to another, getting really invested, and then when I switch back it feels as if I’m starting from scratch. So I’m starting a three day rotation between the tools,  artistic things, and game development. Teams probably don’t need to worry about things like this. |: <  If you’re wondering why tools represent a day especially after all this, it’s because there’s still some necessary features I haven’t implemented.

It’s been a very productive month, finally feels like this thing is moving. My next post will probably be some art or screens or something. I think I’ll finally make a real steam greenlight submission sometime in late October and a video will follow if I have enough footage.

Almost Pretty

I figured out a way to make pretty stages, very quickly, with a reduced file size! I’m still in the experimental phases but so far so good. One could argue, that the time I spent working on this tool could’ve been spent towards working on actual stages, BUT more than likely those stages would’ve looked awful because I would’ve gotten lazy about it at some point.

The video scene with the peppermints and the trees, using previous methods I could probably create that scene visually in 1 or 2 hours with previous methods, but I think I can  cut it down to 10-15 minutes using this new technique.

I should be done pretty soon!

Return to Form

Oh boy! Summer hasn’t been productive at all really. I haven’t been able to give the project my full time and it’s shown but I haven’t been a complete slouch!

As of late I’ve been HEAVILY focused on how to speed up the stage creation process. It’s usually something I  blow off until the last second only to realize my tools are inadequate for the job but I’m serious about it this time. This game is much longer than the other ones and I can’t risk burning out trying to make the levels pretty.

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Still Going!

I’ve kind of swore of  updating ’til I had some solid content unfortunately I’m entering the canceled project update span so it couldn’t be helped. The project is FAR from canceled.

I probably won’t be coming out of hibernation anytime soon, it’s a very distracting month for me. When I begin updating again however,  everything will be in a final/near final state.

To make up for the delay, I can confirm one piece of new information. Felix’s official height is about 75 – 95 cm tall, roughly half the height of the average male worldwide. Hopefully that gives things a sense of scale.

Unplanned Plan

A giant fork has been stuck in my 2015 plans but not gonna beat myself up for it. I’ve probably broken a world record  on character design time meh, what can you do.

So what’s new…… well for starters I’m not giving out projections anymore because I always jinx myself but there is a bit of news.

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Time Out!!

Okay, I give up I couldn’t finish a video in January nor could I finish anything with a week extension? Why you ask? Because I’ve been plagued by character design issues for the past 3 months!!!!!!!!!! Every time I think I have it, NOPE! This isn’t right or that isn’t right, it’s driving me nuts!

But you want to know the funny part? It’s all worth it!  In fact, It wasn’t until recently until I learned just how important a clavicle bone is for model rigging. I keep learning things!!  I’ve been battling with character design for over 10 years now, but I’m determined to get it right this time. The last time I rushed a design I ended up with the Tale of the Night design which strangely I learned was actually a step in the right direction gone haywire due to pushing art to the side.

My next update will be of what I hope will be the final design.  After than maybe I’ll continue my video plan.  But here are some notable changes from recent artwork.

  • Felix is slightly taller (somewhat similar to my first sprites)
  • Head doesn’t look oversized
  • Design is much smoother and better proportioned.

I think the attention I’m paying to this will be well worth it. Besides I’d rather working on design consecutively rather than give up  and just end up doing it again a few months later.

Need more time!!!

Okay the video plan did not work out so well. To be honest I didn’t even get close! But I’m not giving up! I’ll give it another week! Hopefully I can have something by February 7th.

It was actually a fairly decent month, I just didn’t do a lot of the things I needed to. I got hung up on how tall Felix should be, seeing as I’m using real world physics it’s actually very important in terms of making things convincing, so I started comparing Felix to human proportions more. I’m thinking Felix is somewhere between 80 (2’7″) -110 cm (3′,7″).

In other news I’m also getting a graphics card upgrade. It won’t be a huge leap but I should be enough to make my graphics  noticeably better. I’ll still try and support lower end cards by making low settings but right now I think I’m reaching the limit in terms of acceptable graphics.

Plans for 2015

It’s the year of the sheep, but don’t plan on counting them this time around. I’m hitting the final stretch with this project! Huzzah!

Here are a few plans for 2015.

January 2015
I plan on making a new video. I don’t know what it will be yet, but it should be relatively light and show off something new. I probably won’t promote it much.

February 2015
Depending on how January goes, I may make videos a monthly thing. Up until I release a final trailer. Then again, there shouldn’t be that many months left.

Spring 2015
The game should release in spring. Which is what I wanted, the game just has a spring vibe to it.

I imagine in March I’ll start thinking of a official trailer and I’ll do a little bit of promoting. I’ll also have to submit my game to Steam Greenlight as a game instead of a concept. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and it’ll promote itself.

Post Release
I’m considering porting World of Whimsy, but again, that’ll depend on the reception of the game. I’d also like to maybe attending a convention of some kind. It’d be an interesting experience.

Next Project
If all goes well, before the year is over with I’ll probably begin a new project. Right now it’s a toss up between Lithodora of Despair and that Samba of the Wolves  remake I was thinking about, but I’m open to doing something entirely different.

Other Things

  • My Deviant Art page has been pretty much abandoned, ehh I should probably throw in a bit more effort there. Comics are always fun.
  • I may consider team expansion again at some point, maybe after I get a little more industry experience.

Yup 2015’s looking pretty good! Let’s hope my challenges keep things on course.